Hi there!

Alex is a highly motivated programmer particularly interested in graphics, content pipelines and game tools. Capable and experienced in most areas of game development including gameplay, AI, build farm automation, server API development and deployment, UI and network programming. Willing to work on a wide variety of tasks to suit requirements and quick to learn new technologies.


GB Emulator

A gameboy hardware emulator that uses GLWT and imgui for rendering.


The OpenGL window toolkit is a single file C++ library that creates an OpenGL context on Windows/OSX

C# JSON Parser

A really simple C# JSON Parser in 300 lines

allRGB Rainbow Fractal

The challenge was simple; create an image containing all 16777216 RGB colours in a single image with not one colour missing or duplicated!

CSR Classics

CSR Classics is a free to play game by Boss Alien in collaboration with Mad Atom Games for iOS and Android devices.

Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Heart was a game made in 48 hours with Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley as part of the 2013 Global Game Jam game jamming competition.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a free to play mobile game by Boss Alien for iOS and Android devices.


Wikitime was my final year project of my BSc Computer Science degree at the University of Southampton.

Kinect Sports: Season Two

Kinect Sports Season Two was a Xbox 360 game developed by Rare and Big Park for the Kinect as a direct sequel to the BAFTA award winning Kinect Sports title.


Trapped was my entry for Ludum Dare 22; a game making competition where you have 48 hours to make a game independently from Scratch!


Detour was an indie game developed in XNA and released on Steam in October 2011.

Book Galaxy

Book Galaxy was my winning entry in the JISC MOSIAC Developer Competition which challenged entrants to visualise library usage data and library books in an interesting new way.